Empowering Employers, Protecting Employees, Preserving Profits

Brier Payne Meade recognizes that Workers Compensation can be a both a source of frustration for many employers as well as the most expensive insurance they purchase. We help empower employers to take control of every aspect of their WorkComp program to ensure their workforce remains healthy and productive, their WorkComp overhead is as low as possible, and any past overcharges are corrected and premiums returned.


We work with employers all over the country that have been frustrated with the following:

  • Being over-charged on the WC Audit
  • Having the wrong experience modification factors applied to their premiums
  • Payrolls being misclassified
  • An experience modification that is too high
  • Mismanagement of open claims
  • Employee injuries damaging productivity and profit
  • Ineffective safety investment
  • High turnover and training costs
  • Ineffective return to work practices
  • Employee abuse of WorkComp benefits
  • Lack of options for WorkComp coverage
  • Premiums that do not reflect claims experience

How The Employer Benefits

Lower WorkComp premiums and a more engaged and efficient work-force through:

Ensuring the Experience Mod is error-free, accurate, and as low as possible.

Managing employee injuries to the best possible outcome for the employee, the company, and the bottom line.

Developing a Safety and Risk Management strategy that is tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

Online access to safety policies and risk management documents.

Assistance with the WorkComp Audit process that ensures every aspect of the audit is in your favor.

Claim advocacy on difficult claims.

Implementing pre-hire diligence that proactively prevents future WorkComp claims.

Implementing a business practicable and effective Return to Work and Light Duty program.

Marketing your safety. Let BPM help you communicate why you are best-in-class when it comes to safety.

What we do:

A three solution approach

Certified WorkComp Advisor

Total Safety Management

BPM Claim Solutions


The easiest way to minimize WorkComp costs is to reduce the frequency of workplace injuries. At BPM, we help clients reduce WorkComp injuries by:

  • Performing a claim trend analysis to identify claim trends and strategies to prevent common injuries
  • Develop key safety practices and policies, and an effective way to communicate them
  • Employee training and education – most workplace injuries are due to unsafe acts vs. unsafe conditions
  • Implement hiring practices that reduce WorkComp risk

Some injuries are unavoidable. When a workplace injury occurs, we help our clients ensure that injury will have the minimum possible impact on their bottom line through:

  • Return to Work policy and aggressive light duty program tailored to the needs of your organization
  • Injury management program, including a coordination of care for injured employee
  • Occupational clinic relationship
  • Aggressive claims management to ensure the claim is resolved and settled fairly and timely

As Certified WorkComp Advisors, our sophisticated understanding of the WorkComp system helps identify and remedy errors within a WorkComp program that lead to over-paid premiums. These can include:

  • Errors on the Experience Mod
  • Mismanagement of the Experience Mod
  • Errors made within the WC audit process
  • Errors in calculation of payroll
  • Misclassification of employees or company
  • Mismanagement of open claims
  • Errors in carrier reporting

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