Having a proper life insurance plan in place is an easy (and often tax-free) way to provide timely assistance to loved ones so they can avoid financial difficulties after the death of a family member. And the peace of mind they’ll get from knowing things are taken care of is simply priceless.

When you’re ready to plan your life insurance, we want to help you fully understand your two main options, as well as the advantages and limitations of both options.


Term Life

With traditional Term Life insurance, policyholders pay a fixed monthly premium for a specific period of time, usually ranging from one to thirty years. These policies provide guaranteed benefits to the beneficiary only if the policyholder dies during the term of the policy.

Permanent Life

Permanent Life insurance is different from Term Life in that it combines a lump sum death benefit, along with a tax deferred cash value that functions somewhat like an investment account that you can borrow from. There are two basic types of Permanent Life insurance: Whole Life and Universal Life.

Whole Life (A type of Permanent Life)

Whole Life insurance offers a guaranteed death benefit as well as guaranteed cash values that are determined at the time the policy goes into effect. The premiums you pay are guaranteed not to go up for the life of the policy.

Universal Life (A type of Permanent Life)

A Universal Life policy is more flexible and allows you to choose the amount of protection that best fits your needs as your life changes.

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