For most people, their home is their greatest asset and should be adequately insured. Our goal is to work with you to find the best coverage options at the lowest prices.

What does homeowners insurance protect?

All homeowner policies are “package” policies. You get a group of coverages packaged into your policy for one overall premium. They include coverage on your building, your contents (furniture, clothing, etc.) and liability insurance in case you are sued, under the same policy.

Optional Coverage

In addition to special coverage for jewelry, silverware, and furs, you can purchase specific coverage for such possessions as stamp or coin collections, fine arts, camera equipment, collectibles, watercraft, and musical instruments, just to name a few.

Coverage Types

  • Homeowners
  • Condominium
  • Renter
  • Vacant homes

Jill now has better coverage at a lower cost…

“After being continually disappointed with my nationally known insurance carrier, I switched to Brier Payne Meade. Now I have all the same, if not better coverage, at a huge cost savings!! I also get exceptional service!  Thank you for your commitment to customer satisfaction!”

Jill Buchert

A tradition of…


Superior Service

Our team of dedicated insurance professionals are here for you in person and over the phone.


Competitive Rates

We have access to more than 20 carriers so you get the most competitive coverage and price.


Bundling Discounts

Save time and money by combining home and auto.


Claim Process Assistance

We’re a truly independent advocate who ensures your claims are handled to your satisfaction.