Take control of your insurance.

A Group Captive Insurance Program is a company that is owned wholly by those who are insured within it. This means your company and others within the Captive own the insurance company that carries your commercial insurance. A captive management company administers your program. They, not you, provide the structure, accounting, legal, claims management and other functions necessary to operate.

Traditional Approach

  • Underwriting profits are kept by the insurance carrier
  • Insurance backed by an A rated carrier
  • Premiums set by the carrier
  • Carriers earn investment income off your premiums
  • Claims are at the mercy of the insurance company adjustor
  • Loss control for carrier’s benefit
  • Renewals controlled by the marketplace

Captive Approach

  • Underwriting profits returned to member owners
  • Insurance backed by an A rated carrier
  • Premiums based solely on your claims history
  • Receive investment income off of your own premiums
  • Complete control of your claims handling
  • Reduce experience and premium cost
  • Rewards for superior safety program/record

Advantages of Captive Insurance



Premiums are typically 25% lower (WC, GL and Auto) than the traditional market.


Only true claims are paid because you, the owner, have total control over the claims, reserves, and payment process.


60% of all premiums paid sit in your investment account earning income until claims are paid or dividends are declared.


Superior loss control (seminars, standards, awards) leads to lower claims/premiums.


Insurance captives bring quality, stability, and predictability to insurance, driving down costs and increasing the bottom line.

Business Growth

Member to member business opportunities and best practices.

Premiums and investment income returned back to our bottom line…

“Rob Metzler, Owner at Brier Payne Meade, introduced the Captive concept to our organization several years ago.  After helping perform all the due diligence of transitioning from the traditional insurance marketplace to owning our own insurance program, we felt confident this insurance alternative was in the best interest of our company.  Several years later we are a safer company than we’ve ever been, paying lower premiums than we ever had despite double digit growth, and most importantly, seeing premiums and investment income returned back to our bottom line as we participate in our insurance profitability.”

-Terry Whitlock, Owner, Quality Roofing Contractors

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